Edwin Abrescy


My name is Edwin Abrescy, and I stand by my work. My name carries the quality of craft that I have worked nearly my whole life to develop, hone, and progress. Even the work I currently present is only a progression of my never-ending goal to sharpen my skills and talents to their pinnacle.

My work has consistently exceeded the expectations of all the clients I have served, and I can say with confidence that everyone who has purchased my art or paid for my services has been satisfied, if not proud of to have my name involved.

I am a highly skilled and experienced artist, who (as a point of personal pride) has been pushing the boundaries of my skillset for the better part of 30 years, stemming from a heavy practice in pencil works, and eventually branching out into painting, and more recently graphics. I have been working professionally for ten years. I am devoted to art and the creation of art, in all of it's forms, from the most literal, tailored works, to the more visionary far-reaching.In more recent years, I have taken on projects that I have had no experience with, and have pushed the envelope of my own skills, going above and beyond that which has been asked of me, with every new piece.

I am an adept painter in acrylic, I am an articulate, confident force with pencil works, and can translate works into pen with the same level of craftsmanship.

I have a working knowledge of graphics, and have specialized in vector art (Adobe Illustrator), able to create digital paintings in Adobe Photoshop. In the realm of digital work, my dedication carries on in my belief that any art work I create IS art, and carries my name. Many times I have heard digital artists comment that they will do digital work, but it's not "their art." I hold a different view. What an artist creates IS their art, no matter what context, medium, or composition. Carrying this belief with me ensures that no matter the project, all of my heart goes into what I create, no matter the project, idea, or creation.

In short, I can deliver any kind of art that you might need, and can guarantee that it will be created to the absolute best of my ability.

My technical ability is rivaled only by my attention to detail, and dedication in delivering the highest quality of art, in whatever form I am challenged with.

Extensive experience in design and visual communication including:
Graphic Design
Concept Art
Freehand Drawing
Paste Up
Content and Context

Penscapes / Penopoly 2010 & 2011
Penscapes, of Penopoly is a collection of hand-picked artists who are enlisted to create hand-painted modern works of fine art on high quality pens, for the purpose of collecting, as well as finding function in the pens themselves. Penopoly is a pen repair, restoration, and sales company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comprised of Roger Cromwell and Victor Chen, Penopoly will work on clients’ pens on-site during pen shows and clinics at local pen and antique stores. Penopoly sells vintage pens, new modern pens, as well as gently used modern pens.
Resident Painter
. Responsible for design and creation of high quality, miniature works of art to be hand-painted on high-end fountain pens.
. Worked with the owner and co-owner to create new and fresh designs that were relevant to the interests of Pencapes clientele.
. Responsible for reproducing designs by hand.
. Worked with owner and co-owner in base-coating and clear coating pens after the art was placed on them.

Planet Moon Studios 2007 & 2008
Planet Moon Studios is a leading developer of award winning video games on Wii, PSP, and PC. Planet Moon is recognized for such recent titles as: Infected (Majesco Games, 2005), After Burner: Black Falcon (Sega 2007), Smarty Pants (EA 2007) and Battle of the Bands (THQ 2008).
Contracted Graphic Artist
. Responsible for creation and development of high quality, high resolution, digital graphics for two shipped titles; Smarty Pants (EA 2007) and Brain Quest: Grades 5 & 6 (EA 2008)
. Worked with the Planet Moon liaison to meet the client's needs on each project, ultimately creating the client's vision.
. Responsible for the development of stylized designs and icons to be used heavily within the UI / Branding of two shipped titles.
. Worked with Planet Moon liaison to define timelines with content-oriented goals, and met each checkpoint during both Projects

Buddhapparel 2001-2010
Buddhapparel is an independent urban and hip hop clothing brand with a growing international presence, offering products online, and in national retail stores, as well as international stores, located in Japan, the UK, China, and Canada. Quality and self-expression with strong ties in imagery from both old and new pop and urban culture references are the hallmark of a line that transcends standard streetwear with innovative content and design.
Contracted Graphic Artist
. Responsible for creation and development of high quality, high resolution, printable graphics for an innovative clothing line.
. Worked alone with minimal direction and feedback from client, as well as worked more intensely with the Buddhapparel liaison, shaping and bringing life to the client's vision.
. Responsible for large contributions to the branding of the Buddhapparel line by way of graphics, images, and overall style.
. Defined and met realistic self-generated timelines and content-oriented goals in the progression of each project.